Artist Statement

The Shape of Things to Come – January 12, 2013

This blog is going to be changing a bit. I had wanted a new direction for my art and I was finding it harder and harder to find the time for doing the art, let alone the blog posts. I was barely getting a weekly post done and although I know that it’s good to just keep painting even when it feels a bit pointless because it eventually does lead you somewhere, I was trying to keep the blog just about art and ignoring a major development in my life. With the recent diagnosis of my daughter Poppy as being on the Autism Spectrum I can’t keep my daily life with her and my life as an artist separate anymore.

So there will be posts about art and posts about my daughter and there may be posts without images which I seem to have a weird hang-up about; I have it in my head that it is an art blog and there needs to be an image with every post. But sometimes there isn’t an image. And there are things that I need to say.

I had wanted to start working on more projects in my art; I think that now my biggest project is going to be Poppy and I have no idea what shape that will take.

Artist Statement

I have struggled with why I paint what I paint. I have asked myself why; I have asked myself why bother, but through it all I just keep painting; I need to keep painting. I paint the glass I’m drinking out of; I paint my flowers when they pop out of the ground in the spring, and I paint the majestic mountain views an hour from my house. I paint my daughter, myself, and sometimes fleeting glimpses of light reflected on the walls. There is something about the experience of painting what I’m seeing–something that I can’t capture in a photograph or in showing someone what I’m looking at. There is something about painting it. And there is a constant push to keep painting what I see, to keep looking and analysing. There is something about taking these things out of the everyday and elevating them above the monotony of life. It’s how I cope and it’s how I connect with people; this is where I find beauty.

5 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. It seems to be a common thing amongst we artist. We struggle towards the same goals of painting what we see and feel. As long as we’re enjoying it, that’s what counts most. I look forward to any future posts.

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