Now Showing!

I have a solo show up right now at the Central Public Library in Calgary! The show includes my most recent paintings as well as two window view paintings from last year that went well with this grouping. Lately I have been doing a lot of plein air landscape paintings and also interior paintings of the window views in my house, so I decided to put them all together for this show–hence the title “Domestic and Wild”. This grouping is also the start of using my fluorescent underpainting, although the fluorescent does not photograph well–you really need to see them in person to see the pop of fluorescent colour peeking through. Six of the nine paintings have either fluorescent yellow or fluorescent pink for the underpainting. The Living Room Window, South Facing Bedroom, and Patio Door are the three pre-fluorescent paintings. Right now they are hanging on the art wall on the 4th floor of the library which I was worried may not fill the space, but it came together well in the end.

I have been a bit behind with my blog, but I have been very busy with my art. A few years ago I set a goal for myself to be in two shows a year, and this year I will be in three shows (post will be coming shortly about the next show)! I completely missed posting about the Juried Members Show that I was in at the Leighton Centre in April. I posted about it on Instagram and then promptly put it out of my head. Usually September to December are my busy months, but this year it was April to August. In July I still wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do the show at the library, but I powered through and got it done and learned a lot–especially in regards to getting my art framed. There is a variety of framing on the pieces in the show, but I am figuring out what kind of framing I can get done and what works well with my art. The framing is always such a headache for me, not to mention the expense. I wish I was more handy and could do the framing myself, but in my past experience with framing I have had zero aptitude for it. That may be something I will put on my goals list for another time.

Here are the nine paintings in the show and a slideshow of them all framed up and hanging in my house before the show. I did not get very good photos of them hanging in the library–I was maybe too frazzled.

2 thoughts on “Now Showing!

  1. Hi Dayna, the frames are looking good. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Your art display at the library is looking very nice as well. Summer is always a busy time for us artists. I always enjoy seeing your work and look forward to seeing more.

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