October 28, 2017

My name is Dayna Bordage (née Stonehocker). I am an artist who grew up in small town Alberta and graduated with a BFA in painting from the University of Alberta in 2003. Currently I live and work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my husband and child.

After University I was not as active with my art. Two years after finishing University I moved to Calgary and two years after that I had my daughter. I continued to paint still life throughout that period. At times I questioned what I was doing it for and wondered if I would ever get back to showing my work. I have struggled with why I paint what I paint. I have asked myself why; I have asked myself why bother, but through it all I just keep painting; I need to keep painting. I paint the glass I’m drinking out of; I paint my flowers when they pop out of the ground in the spring, and I paint the mountain views an hour from my house. I paint my daughter, myself, and sometimes fleeting glimpses of light reflected on the walls. There is something about the experience of painting what I’m seeing–something that I can’t capture in a photograph or in showing someone what I’m looking at. There is something about painting it. After years of this I felt like I had emerged from a very dark period to pick up where I left off and discovered I had 7 years of paintings that track my improvement as a painter. I had thought those were my lost years but now it feels like it all fits together somehow. I am discovering my art projects are becoming less about captured moments and more about the passage of time; comparing and contrasting changes in moods, seasons and environment. A document of my time and place in the world.