Neighborhood Paintings – Day 30

My house, with all the familiar trees that I have painted so many times in front, beside and peeking out from behind it. I have painted the neighbor’s houses so many times, it’s about time I painted my own. I also think it’s neat that this is the reverse view from my Day 1 painting. For that painting I was sitting right smack in the centre of this one.

So now, after 30 paintings in 30 days, I am taking a little break; but not too long of a break, hopefully just a few days–although I don’t think I can do another “30 days” project right away. I have a few ideas for my next projects, and I still want to keep painting and posting stuff in the meantime. This project has been great to get me back into the swing of painting and thinking about art, and it has also shown me that I really need to be painting everyday. Even if I’m not finishing a painting and blogging about it everyday, I need to paint everyday. It’s too easy to let a day off become a week off, and then a month and even a year.

Neighborhood Paintings -Day 29

Today was a tricky painting day. I had a plan for what I wanted to paint, and therefore decided that I could catch up on house cleaning and laundry. I am terrible at doing laundry in the evening–I almost always find it still in the washing machine the next day. And I guess I am better at everything earlier in the day because I see now that I should have done the painting before the laundry. So this is not what I had planned to paint and there are a few things about it that I’m not happy with. But maybe I will like it better tomorrow. It may just be my mood.

Neighborhood Paintings – Day 28

Waiting for Poppy at my favourite bench in the school playground. One of the biggest reasons we chose to live in this neighborhood was the 10 minute walk to Poppy’s school. I love being able to walk to her school. 

It was such a beautiful day out today that I decided to leave early to go pick her up, and do a painting at the school. I was planning to paint more of the playground equipment in the foreground, but I had too much fun painting the school.

Neighborhood Paintings – Day 27

The last work day during my 30 days of painting. I was looking at the sun shining outside while I was at work and hoping it would hold out until 8:00, but it did not and I got caught in the rain. At least I was mostly done before the rain started and I could do the finishing touches once I got back inside.

This is a different view of my patio area under the lilacs. I’ve never painted the view from this side of the house. Maybe because I am not finished my plantings over here–right now it is just dirt and leaves and everything I’ve tried to plant here so far has died, but I have some ideas to try out for this summer.

Neighborhood Paintings – Day 25

There is a new shawarma and donair restaurant at the end of our block, and they have these seats by their windows with a view of the pathway that leads up to the park. Poppy and I went over there today, bought some food, and then I painted the view for an hour while Poppy played on her ipad. I was very self conscious painting there though, and I think it shows in my treatment of the trees. A lot of people came in and out beside us, but no one talked to us so I felt very inconspicuous. Or maybe it was more that I felt I was in the way–taking up seats when I wasn’t eating, even though there were a lot of open seats. I think, as introverted as I am, I always prefer when people talk to me when I am out painting. Not huge conversations, just a quick hello or a nice comment on what I’m doing, and then I get to breathe a sigh a relief that no one is bothered by me. Otherwise I always feel like I am infringing on people’s enjoyment of a public space. And most of the time people are very supportive, but every so often there is someone who is uncomfortable with me being too close to their personal property, or sitting where they normally walk, so I am super sensitive to that.

Neighborhood Paintings – Day 24

A backyard view of the house today. This was actually the dusk painted that I had started, but it got too dark too quickly. All I had done on it so far was roughed in the house and clouds. I was looking at it this afternoon and the clouds were exactly the same today, so I decided to make it into a daytime painting.

I feel like I need a lot more practice painting this view of the house because I am not totally satisfied with this one. Right now all I see are the mistakes on the house. But that’s the interesting thing about these daily paintings–it’s just paint and move on, imperfect as they are. I don’t get hung up on a painting or on trying to fix it–it’s just oh well, maybe tomorrow. I suspect I will be painting this view again because I love this view of the house, especially at dusk.

Neighborhood Paintings – Day 23

Springtime in Calgary! Though almost all the snow had melted by the time I was finished. When I started the painting, it felt like I was just doing a study of beiges, so I had initially planned to put my tree in the foreground for interest. But then there was a lot more going on with the houses than I first thought, and I couldn’t bring myself to stick a tree in front of it all. Oddly enough, this is the first time I’ve painted the front steps on the houses across the street. I guess I usually just blur it all.

Neighborhood Paintings – Day 22

Another indoor day! Though today it was more due to the rainy weather as I am feeling much better now. So this is the view out my dining room patio door of the neighbor’s trees. I wanted to paint their crabapple tree and I was thinking of waiting until it flowered to paint it, but I don’t think that will happen in the next week. I also remembered that for some reason this tree did not flower last year so there may not any flowers to paint anyway. At first I was disappointed that it was raining and I couldn’t go out onto the deck to get more of the tree in the painting, but after finishing it I’m glad I only had to paint a portion of it.