Neighborhood Paintings – Day 25

There is a new shawarma and donair restaurant at the end of our block, and they have these seats by their windows with a view of the pathway that leads up to the park. Poppy and I went over there today, bought some food, and then I painted the view for an hour while Poppy played on her ipad. I was very self conscious painting there though, and I think it shows in my treatment of the trees. A lot of people came in and out beside us, but no one talked to us so I felt very inconspicuous. Or maybe it was more that I felt I was in the way–taking up seats when I wasn’t eating, even though there were a lot of open seats. I think, as introverted as I am, I always prefer when people talk to me when I am out painting. Not huge conversations, just a quick hello or a nice comment on what I’m doing, and then I get to breathe a sigh a relief that no one is bothered by me. Otherwise I always feel like I am infringing on people’s enjoyment of a public space. And most of the time people are very supportive, but every so often there is someone who is uncomfortable with me being too close to their personal property, or sitting where they normally walk, so I am super sensitive to that.

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