Watercolour Wednesday — Cloud studies.

I did not have a new watercolour for this week, but I do still have watercolours that I have not posted yet. I have been meaning to post these studies for a while now, so what better day than Watercolour Wednesday! These were done in a Canson multi medium sketchbook that I tend to use mostly for doing quick watercolours, even though it is maybe not the best paper for it, they are all pretty rippled.

Watercolour Wednesday – Clouds Through Sheer Curtains.

First painting of 2022! And it is a Watercolour Wednesday post as well! The Watercolour Wednesday posts were always a really good motivational tool for me, and I think it is time to start them up again.

I painted this on January 1st but I just got around to photographing it today. It was a bit of an experimental painting and I am going to be doing more of these “painting through curtains” paintings. Kind of a combination of my recent interest in windows and clouds. I have lots of ideas bouncing around with this and I think next I am going to play with having the curtains open and where the gap in the curtains should be placed. Doing these in watercolour will also be perfect for playing around with these ideas with less pressure, and I am still so impressed with my new Arches watercolour pad–it’s been a bit of a game changer for me with my watercolours.


Shadows, Nov. 7, 2018, watercolour on paper

I am way overdue for a blog post. Time goes by so fast. My last post was back in March and now here it is, winter again. I started using Instagram in the summer and I guess I forgot all about blogging. Then I felt like I had to catch up on the missed paintings on my blog which made me procrastinate even more, so I’m just going to skip the missed paintings and start blogging again. I am also thinking I should start doing my Watercolour Wednesdays again to get me back into the swing of things. So this is the view from my living room today of the front patio covered in snow. A sunny winter day and a view I have painted a few times before. I like the wind chime hanging in the tree. It’s always fascinating to me how you can paint the same view over and over, but it always comes out different. Good for a homebody like me.

Watercolour Wednesday – View of the Rockyview from the Park.

Poppy and I spent a beautiful day at the park yesterday and I brought my watercolours along. They have moved the playground equipment since I last painted at that park–before there were views of the mountains and of downtown Calgary. Now that the playground is not at the top of the hill there is a new view through the trees of the Rockyview hospital, which is where Poppy was born almost nine years ago now.

Watercolour Wednesday – View from the Rothney Observatory

This was Poppy’s first day out painting with me this summer. We went over to the Rothney Observatory southwest of Calgary because the mountain views from the observatory are stunning, which I noticed the last time we went out there to stargaze. I was hoping to do an acrylic painting as well but Poppy only lasted an hour…because bugs. 

But we had fun and we got home before the rain started, so all in all it was a good day.

Watercolour Wednesday – April Landscape


This is the watercolour study that I did on-site when I went out painting last week. It was done in the same spot as the painting from my last post, but the overall colouring came out very differently. It is an interesting contrast with the other painting. It was also done very quickly because I was eager to get going on the acrylic one and a bit worried that I would be so out of practice with acrylic that I would run out of time.

Watercolour Wednesday – Shadows on the house.


I went to paint in my yard today, but I have no flowers in bloom yet so shadows it is! I got to sit on my new patio in the front yard to paint this which was great. I was also shaded by the neighbor’s lilac hedge–which is what was casting those shadows on my house.
The painting kind of looks like a mess–I am still feeling a bit rusty. If I squint it looks better. And if I crop it in a bit? I can’t decide.


I just need to keep at it and do more paintings. Paint, paint, paint!

Watercolour Wednesday – Honeysuckle Tree


I’ve almost forgotten how to blog! Lately my “memories” on Facebook have been a lot of my Watercolour Wednesday blog posts from previous years. So I was sitting here this morning and I realized that it was Wednesday today and I actually had a new little watercolour study so here we are. I did this on the deck a couple weeks ago since we were having an unseasonably warm March.
I don’t know if this means I will be doing a post every Wednesday, but maybe I should try. I really do need to get painting again. I’ve missed it.