Neighborhood Paintings – Day 30

My house, with all the familiar trees that I have painted so many times in front, beside and peeking out from behind it. I have painted the neighbor’s houses so many times, it’s about time I painted my own. I also think it’s neat that this is the reverse view from my Day 1 painting. For that painting I was sitting right smack in the centre of this one.

So now, after 30 paintings in 30 days, I am taking a little break; but not too long of a break, hopefully just a few days–although I don’t think I can do another “30 days” project right away. I have a few ideas for my next projects, and I still want to keep painting and posting stuff in the meantime. This project has been great to get me back into the swing of painting and thinking about art, and it has also shown me that I really need to be painting everyday. Even if I’m not finishing a painting and blogging about it everyday, I need to paint everyday. It’s too easy to let a day off become a week off, and then a month and even a year.

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