Neighborhood Paintings – Day 28

Waiting for Poppy at my favourite bench in the school playground. One of the biggest reasons we chose to live in this neighborhood was the 10 minute walk to Poppy’s school. I love being able to walk to her school. 

It was such a beautiful day out today that I decided to leave early to go pick her up, and do a painting at the school. I was planning to paint more of the playground equipment in the foreground, but I had too much fun painting the school.

One thought on “Neighborhood Paintings – Day 28

  1. Just re-looking at some of your blogs. This is a great painting.

    Jean Troniak (your dad’s cousin in Pierceland…daughter of Opal) sent an e-mail this week saying she was remembering the paintings of Poppy’s lunches & loved them..

    I am sorry we haven’t been back to Calgary. Just seem to be here.

    Kelly phoned Saturday. Her mom has breast cancer. Surgery to remove lump & lymph nodes is Sep 4th. Depending on tumor analysis, she may need total mastectomy. After incision heals, she will have chemo & radiation.

    This is very painful for Kelly as she is now going through the process of setting up legal stuff with her mom just like she did with her dad. Hoping it is caught early enough to be treated effectively.

    I love you.


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