No. I just want to paint this mason jar…again.

This is that still life that I did at the downtown studio last week. I thought I should get a move on and post it before it gets too far removed from when I painted it.

I am loving the mason jars lately. I keep getting out my pretty blue vases to set up a still life but then I always go back to the mason jars. Below is the first study that I did in pencil, and the next two that I did in watercolour. Now I have an acrylic painting so I guess next up will be an oil painting.

Watercolour Wednesday — An old pint jar and a mason jar twice.

The Sunday Studio time seems to be becoming my watercolour painting time. It’s just so much easier than lugging around my acrylic paints—especially since I use the big tubs of acrylic paint. My painting bag seems to be getting heavier. (GAH! I’m getting old!)

The first one with the two jars was done pretty quickly. It’s nice and loose and I really like the transparency of the mason jar. The second one I spent a little more time on. Unfortunately I didn’t notice at the time that the roundness of the mouth is a bit off. Oh well, they’re all just studies right?

…And check out the fancy signatures!┬áThat’s for my mom :)

I’m in a Drawing Club!

Yup, that’s right: me, Dayna, in a Drawing Club. And not only that, but it was actually a co-worker and fellow artist Marie Flynn and myself who organized it. We had our first session today, and I am very excited. Although it is still very early days, as in, it is still the first day…but still, I am excited. It is going to be an informal drop-in club for staff at my work during lunch on Fridays and it sounds like everyone who came today is really excited about it too. Oh, just think of all the things we can do!

For today though all I did was a still life sketch of a mason jar :)