First series DONE! I think…I’m pretty sure…for now…

I’ve been looking at the five backyard paintings that I’ve done so far and it occurred to me today that I think I am done one mini-series. I had them set up in the rec. room downstairs and I passed them every time I went into my studio. I noticed that I had done a 7 am, 11 am, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm between October and March—basically my backyard throughout the day in wintertime. If I do paintings of similar daytime intervals between April and August, which is exactly what I think I’ll do, I will have a series of my backyard in summertime.

I had originally wanted to do a whole whack of them, 12 or 16, and display them as one series on a wall in 3 or 4 rows of 4 paintings. But now that I’m looking at them it feels like this is one series of five paintings from dawn to dusk. Am I being lazy or intuitive? Either way I’ll still be doing more of these paintings so I guess I will have to revisit this question again later.

I do find it interesting that I am back to doing progressive series painting similar to what I was doing while in university. Oooh, and I’m liking the way they look on the blog in grid format…I can see it being a series of nine…

So yes, I will be revisiting this.

2 thoughts on “First series DONE! I think…I’m pretty sure…for now…

  1. These look really great together Dayna. I can see the progression thru time of day on each of them. They would look nice in similar frames as well if you choose to frame them. Nice job!

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