Blue night-time, Orange sunset, Green turtle.

It’s snowing again. My daughter and I had a studio day; her lovely spring colour choices temporarily made me forget that it’s a white-out outside and I just uncovered all my plants yesterday.

It was interesting that she started with orange and kept asking for more orange paint. Perhaps she was influenced by the studio full of orange paintings and drapery. Likewise I would like my own work to be influenced by her looseness and vibrant colour choices—she does such beautiful paintings.

2 thoughts on “Blue night-time, Orange sunset, Green turtle.

  1. Wow, Dayna!! She has her mother’s talent! It’s amazingly beautiful! And how “freely” they paint when they’re young, hey? No inhibitions. I love it!! You should be so proud. And it’s awesome the way you are encouraging her while letting her find her own path in painting. Does that make sense? Lol.

    1. I LOVE watching her paint! I’m always amazed at the choices she makes and the fact that she needs no direction :)

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