Watercolour Wednesday — Wall reflections.

A fairly abstract watercolour this week. It turned into a fun colour and colour bleeding study and is even loosely based on a photograph (shocking, I know). The photo was of sun reflecting onto the living room wall in our old apartment (see below). The apartment was north facing with a loft that looked down over the 2 storey living room and the only direct light we ever got there was in the highest furthest corner of the living room. Seeing that little square of sunshine always made me extremely happy (and then run for the camera).

I still have a yen to compile all my reflection photos into a nifty little book, all sorted according to apartment and date. Just for my own reference and to satisfy my desire to catalogue all of them. Though I think it would also be neat if I were to have a show of reflection paintings (if I first had enough reflection paintings that is) to have a reference book of all the photos as part of the show. Most of the photos are pre-digital so it will require first scanning in all the original photos…which is partly why I’ve been putting it off I think.

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