Wake, paint, blog.

So it has now been exactly one year since I did my first post. I was thinking about what I had wanted to achieve in the first year and, like a lot things in art, I think everything takes a bit longer than you think it will. My goal had been to do a post a week. I knew I had missed a few weeks, but when I mapped it out I realised that I had missed 13 weeks. I guess that’s not too bad although sometimes I was doing two posts a day when I maybe should have spread them out. The Watercolour Wednesdays was one of my best ideas and I’m finding that it helps to keep me thinking about art all the time. Initially I had grand daydreams about all the things I would achieve in the first year and how I would end the blogging year with a big art show, but it looks like all that might take two years. I’m reminded of all the processes involved with print-making when I was in University and how I would plan on one step taking two hours and it would always take four.

I think my most noticeable achievement this year was reforming the habit of making art, with the blog functioning as the deadline that I needed. But beyond that I also shook out the cobwebs with applying for shows and started (though just barely started) getting more involved in the art community here and talking to other artists. The newest development is that I have joined a sort of art club that has come about as a result of the Drawing Club I was involved with at my work. We are paying for a Studio space that we will be sharing and using every Sunday. Today was the first session. I painted the view out the window by my easel.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the year, although the more art I do and the deeper into it I get, the more I realise how far I have yet to go. I am more critical of what I am doing and why I am doing it and acutely aware that I am not “there” yet. I guess that means that I am now back in the artistic mind-set. Now to get on with the good stuff ;)

6 thoughts on “Wake, paint, blog.

  1. Great job! I would have been hard pressed to keep up with this as much as you have! Congrats on the new art club and studio space, that sounds awesome! You have made me think I need to start doing some form of personal goal setting that I actually stick to….hmmmmmm….we’ll see ; P
    Also, great painting!

    1. Thanks Pick! The blog has been exactly what I needed to get things done. You should totally do some form of personal goal setting–it’s loads of fun! :P

  2. Dayna, I think the fact that you are more acutely aware that you are not there yet is actually a sign of growth. For me, the more I am aware of how much I need to achieve, the more it means I have expanded my world to actually have that awareness. This may not make sense the way I wrote it, but I could it explain it further in a chat…:) I think your painting has improved over the year, particularly the watercolors. Congratulations on being part of the new art club/studio.

  3. Happy one year to you and your blog! I have enjoyed following all your creative endeavors and I’m looking forward to following you on your second year. I enjoy looking at all your art pieces on your blog and can’t wait to see more art like the one above. Keep on painting!

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