Mama’s got a brand new chair! Well, new to me at least…

Time goes by far too quickly. Today we went out to the Leighton Centre south of Calgary so I could do some en plein air landscape painting. It was a beautiful day with gorgeous winter colours, hazy mountains and it was only -3 degrees celsius (I was actually overdressed and had to take my coat off). I had brought along 4 prepped panels and my camera and journal with high hopes, but when I saw my husband and daughter heading back to the van I knew my time was almost up. I did get one hour and one panel done. I had really wanted to stay out there longer, but I had to get back, get cleaned up, start supper…such is life. For one hour though it was just me and this view and my shiny, shiny oil paints.

And I discovered an amazing new thing! I had two of these fold-up chairs in my camping stuff that belonged to my grandfather and I took one along today to try out for landscape painting. Super comfy and it fits in my purse! Enough of this sitting on the ground to paint. I’m getting too old for that ;)

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