It’s Showtime!

At long last, I am going to be in a show! One of my paintings has been accepted for the Tenth Annual Juried Member’s show at the Leighton Centre, south of Calgary. I spent most of the day Thursday running around the house with excitement. It’s been four years since I was a part of a show so I am breathing a big sigh of relief to finally be back in the game. This is the first juried show that I have been in, so I am very, very pleased. There is also going to be catalogues printed for the show, which will have all the paintings from the show in them (I haven’t been in a catalogue since my University Graduation show back in 2003). I am just so excited!

The public opening reception is going to be on April 21st from 2 – 4 pm and the show will run until June 3rd. I’ve included details about it in the shows tab at the top of my blog, but you can also view details about the show on the Leighton Centre website here.

Oh silly me, I should include a picture of the painting that will be in the show; it is the oil painting that I did on-site at the Leighton last month (see the blog post here).

Leighton Landscape – Winter, February 9, 2012 oil on masonite 12in. x 16in.

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