It’s Showtime!

At long last, I am going to be in a show! One of my paintings has been accepted for the Tenth Annual Juried Member’s show at the Leighton Centre, south of Calgary. I spent most of the day Thursday running around the house with excitement. It’s been four years since I was a part of a show so I am breathing a big sigh of relief to finally be back in the game. This is the first juried show that I have been in, so I am very, very pleased. There is also going to be catalogues printed for the show, which will have all the paintings from the show in them (I haven’t been in a catalogue since my University Graduation show back in 2003). I am just so excited!

The public opening reception is going to be on April 21st from 2 – 4 pm and the show will run until June 3rd.

Oh silly me, I should include a picture of the painting that will be in the show; it is the oil painting that I did on-site at the Leighton last month (see the blog post here).

Leighton Landscape – Winter, February 9, 2012 oil on masonite 12in. x 16in.

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