52 Weeks and 63 Paintings!

There it is! One full year of Watercolour Wednesdays and I did not miss a single week! I had wanted to do a bit more of an involved watercolour painting to finish the year off, but last week was a crazy busy week and I am actually off work right now with Tendinitis in my ankle. So this was painted over the course of one morning, sitting in my backyard with my foot propped up on a bench. The Honeysuckle and Lilac trees are in full bloom and it smells completely amazing in my yard!

I have decided that for the next year I am going to schedule more studio time for myself (just in my basement studio). I am still going to continue with the Watercolour Wednesdays but it feels like I am getting lazy again—being content with doing just one watercolour a week. I need to step up my game and do more painting.

Here are the thumbnails of all the Watercolour Wednesday paintings. Not quite all the watercolours that I did in the last year, just the ones that I used for the Wednesday posts, but that is most of them anyway (they are roughly arranged from oldest to newest).

3 thoughts on “52 Weeks and 63 Paintings!

  1. Hi Dayna, Looking at all the great paintings you’ve done throughout the year is quite an accomplishment. I am so very proud of you for keeping your focus and creating such lovely works of art in the process. I have enjoyed every piece. Thank you!


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