Paint Out!

This past weekend was the Fall Paint Out at the Leighton Centre near Calgary as part of the Alberta Culture Days. I went out to do some en plein air painting with fellow artist Marie Flynn from our art group who used to meet on Sundays at the Kensington studio. There was also another artist from the Sunday group painting out there and it made me miss those Sunday sessions. Even though it didn’t work out to do that again this year I sure do miss painting with a group of artists.

There were quite a few of the Leighton Centre artist members painting out there and there was even pottery artist Franco LoPinto working with his wheel set up outside which I found fascinating to watch.

I decided to use watercolour this time. I really wanted to use acrylic but I accidentally used all my acrylic brushes with my oil paints a of couple weeks ago and I think I’ll need to get all new acrylic brushes now (Ugh!). On this day I did three smallish watercolours and I spent the most time on the first one with the mountains. Then Marie was still painting so I decided to do a second one focusing on the trees and fall colours. I thought that one had gotten a bit fussy, so I did another quicker one of the same view. Though now that it has been a couple of days I actually do like the “fussy” one too.

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