Big Beautiful Mess.

This is our neighbor’s crab-apple tree with the leaf buds just beginning. The tree hangs over the fence beside our deck and I love it; I find it mesmerizing. I did this painting last week on one of those gorgeous sunny days and in the course of only one week the tree has now all leafed out and the pinkish white flowers are starting to bloom. I think I want to paint it again in full bloom, but this week it has been rain, rain, rain and I have not been very motivated to paint. I hope the weather and my days off will line up again before it is done blooming. Still some time yet.

This is also done in acrylic rather than watercolour. I was feeling a bit rusty with the acrylics and at first I was thinking I should re-do this it in watercolour, but after looking at for it a bit I realized that it actually looks very similar to my watercolour paintings, just messier.

Crab-apple tree, May 9, 2013, acrylic on masonite

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