In The Meantime…

Painting outside in the last days of summer.It’s the last week of summer holidays, and the sun has finally returned to my neck of the woods after a lot of rain; so I spent most of the day outside trying to paint and enjoying the last Lucky Lager from the fridge. Today was the first time in three weeks that I actually sat down to do any kind of painting, and it felt like I had once again forgotten how to paint. I did three studies of flowers–all of them pretty so-so–and then it was too dark to take photos of them anyway.

So next week it will be a whole new world for us! Poppy is starting grade one, and in theory I will have more time to paint–that is the plan anyway. For now we have been frantically trying to fit in some last-minute summer activities and get our back-to-school shopping done. I’m super excited about what’s to come, and only a tiny bit anxious about getting up way earlier than I’m used to and making school lunches.

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