It Turns Out Donating to Charity Was Just the Kick in the Pants I Needed.

My work held their annual silent auction to raise money for charity last week, and I donated two of my watercolour paintings–one of the Bento Box lunch paintings and a landscape–for the auction. This year the chosen charity was the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, and even though I am glad that they both sold, I went through the usual stress of hoping someone would want to buy them, and not really wanting to let them go. The serendipitous side effect of this whole experience was that after I framed the paintings up I was so excited by how good they looked that I immediately started working on the next Bento painting; it completely re-invigorated me! I’m not quite finished that one so for now here is some pictures of the framed paintings hanging in my kitchen before taking them in.

Both paintings (2)Round Things Bento, 2014Cloudy Sky, 2014

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