Neighborhood Paintings: Summertime – Day 2

Snow-in-summer Flowerbed, Jun. 7, 2017Two months ago this flowerbed was full of snow. Now it is full of irises and, oddly enough, snow-in-summer (cerastium tomentosum). I had painted this same view in my springtime series paintings, so here is this flowerbed as it was at the end of March: Snowy Flowerbed, Mar. 26, 2017, watercolour on paper, 11"x14"

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Paintings: Summertime – Day 2

  1. So nice to see the comparison between the spring and now. You gave Jill some of these irises and the color is gorgeous! So I am imagining how beautiful they are as I wish I could visit you.

    xo M

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