Shadows and Snow.

Shadows and Snow, Feb. 9, 2019, watercolour on paper

A beautiful sunny winter day today. I painted this exact view in November and did not realize it until I uploaded it to Instagram. This one has much more detail and the placement of plants is more accurate, but at a glance they look the same. The November painting is also much smaller at 7 x 10 inches whereas today’s painting is 11 x 15 inches. It was a bit harder to get the larger shadow areas as clean in the larger painting because the paint dried so quickly. I also noticed that on the November painting I did not even attempt to paint the snow-covered juniper at the bottom. And as my second attempt at painting that juniper, it does look a lot more like a snow-covered juniper this time.

Here is the November painting. A much quicker painting, but still nice.

Shadows, Nov. 7, 2018, watercolour on paper

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