Painting with Acrylics in my Living Room.

Tree Shadows, Mar. 2019, acrylic on panel

I did an acrylic painting! I haven’t worked with acrylic paints since 2017. It was fun. It was also fun to be able to rework areas and add things after the fact. Watercolour kind of just gives you the one chance to get it right.

I did this over two days and was very lucky to get two sunny days in a row that happened to be on my days off work. I am fascinated with how the shadows here are never the same. It depends on the time of day, the weather, the time of year, etc. I had done a watercolour of this same view, but it was painted in the morning so the shadows were stretched out longer across the yard. This one was painted between noon and 3pm.

And now I can can put all this away–the living room is pretty cluttered with my painting stuff set up right in front of the window. It makes me a little crazy.


6 thoughts on “Painting with Acrylics in my Living Room.

  1. Beautiful blue shadows! This time of year I usually end up getting out objects to place in light beams just for the reflections. Crystal bowls especially! Lol

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