Patio Doors With Sheer Curtains.

Patio Doors, Feb. 2021, acrylic on masonite

Here is the second painting in my windows project. This is the view from my patio doors with the sheer curtains closed in front of them. I actually started this one before I did the living room window painting, and before I had decided exactly what I was doing with these. I painted the background completely and then it sat for a week while I debated if I should add the patio doors or not. I knew it needed something, but it was *almost* a finished painting without the doors and curtains. The composition was a bit off though and adding a bit of a frame with the door and the curtains seemed to fix the compositional problems. I think I had subconsciously left space for them. I do really like how much is going on in the painting now.

Here is the painting before I added the doors and curtains on it. It looks like a lot of paintings I have done of the powerlines in the backyard. I think it was time for something different, even though I love this view and will undoubtedly paint it again.

Patio Doors Before curtains

9 thoughts on “Patio Doors With Sheer Curtains.

  1. Awesome work Dayna, it looks really nice. From my view, the sheers appear to enhance the overall look of the painting. You wouldn’t think it because of them being draped over the window, but the colours beyond look even more vibrant. I like this one too. I’m interested to see more windows now.

  2. Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful! The addition really does finish it, looks like a photograph. ❤️😁

  3. i always love your explanations of how you arrive at the finished/complete painting, have you worked more on the other window paintings?

    love always… mom

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