Watercolour Wednesday — Blue and silver Christmas ornaments…for New Years!

I did not get anything done since last week—it was a very busy Christmas as usual, and I was sick for the last half of it. It looks like today will be a recovery day before going back to work tomorrow. It was a good thing I had this watercolour that I did as a back-up for my friend (who asked me to do the tree and ornament paintings from last week) in case she didn’t like any of the other three (yes, I worry and over-think EVERYTHING). It turns out that she did like the first ones (just like she said she did) so now I have an extra pretty ornament painting :)

And since it looks like this may be my last post for 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Watercolour Wednesday — Blue Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Tree.

I’ve done something else that I said I would never do — a commission! One of my friends asked me to do a painting with a blue Christmas ornament and a  tree branch. I stressed and fretted and did three paintings and was not initially happy with any of them until a couple of days later when I decided that I loved all of them…(with the possible exception of the second one I did…which is pictured below right).


And it’s not even Watercolour Wednesday. I guess that kind of makes me a Watercolour Artist. Hmmm…

Photo of my backyard, Dec. 11, 2011.

I woke up this morning to a whole whack of snow—gorgeous! Perfect for putting me in a Christmas mood. It was my downtown studio day so I decided to take some tree ornaments with me to paint.

I’m on a total watercolour kick. It’s not even “Watercolour Wednesday”, but I’ve already got my post done for Wednesday so this is an extra one for this week. I remember when I was in high school my mom told me that I had a knack for watercolour and should do more of it. I also remember being a snob about it and saying that I had no intention of being a Watercolour Artist.

I took some progression photos of this one just because it’s kind of neat to see. And a fun detail: can you see the reflection of me in the blue and pink ornaments? Too fun.