Watercolour Wednesday — Blue Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Tree.

I’ve done something else that I said I would never do — a commission! One of my friends asked me to do a painting with a blue Christmas ornament and a  tree branch. I stressed and fretted and did three paintings and was not initially happy with any of them until a couple of days later when I decided that I loved all of them…(with the possible exception of the second one I did…which is pictured below right).

17 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — Blue Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Tree.

  1. This reminds me of being a bridesmaid for your wedding :P I really like the first one but I couldn’t spy a reflection of you in any of the balls! Good on you for doing commission work, looks great!

    1. Interesting. A bit of my reflection is in the “first” one (the first one pictured is actually number 3…) but it was very small–a dark and light shape in the middle that looks like a penguin ;)

    1. By “second” I think you mean the second one pictured that is actually number one (that’s the one she bought). The number 2 one that I’m not as happy with is the last image. Maybe I should put captions…

  2. I also love the second – the fullness of the background makes the ball stand out. All the proportions of this one are perfect to my eye.

  3. I love your christmas ball and branch, very difficult to paint a ball shape I would imagine. I bought some water colour pecils so I am looking forward to trying them. Have a Merry Christmas Dayna!

  4. I think they are lovely. The one with two ornament caught my eye along with a flash of childhood memories! Very well done.

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