Almost Spring.

Tulips 4, Mar. 7, 2018, watercolour pens

I got one last painting in before the tulips were done. At first I was not as pleased with it because I did not match the colours quite right–the tulips were starting to fade and I still painted them in vibrant yellow and red. I was planning to do another painting the next day to try to capture the fading colours, but the next morning I just touched the table and all the petals dropped off the flowers. So that was that.

I am already missing having tulips on the table. Only a few days until the first day of spring and everything is still covered in snow here. I am busy dreaming and planning my garden, but it isn’t quite enough and I am itching for some real flowers. I think I need to buy some more tulips, even if I don’t paint them.

Flowers All the Time.

Poppy bought me tulips last week and I have been painting them everyday. I am still using the watercolour pens and have had a lot of fun experimenting with them. This time I did full sketches with the pens first, blocking in all the colours, and then went back in with a brush and water. The sketches look just like sharpie sketches so it feels like a natural next step from what I was doing with sharpies.

It actually reminded me of those “just add water” colouring books that I did as a child where the pigment was dotted on the picture and adding water turned them into watercolours. So much fun! I loved those books.

Here is the watercolour pen sketches pre-water, taken in not such great lighting but oh well, the sketches no longer exist so this is all I have.

Just Keep Painting.

Carnation study, watercolour pens, Feb. 20, 2018

I am still playing with my watercolour pens. Though this felt like an “off” day for painting. I don’t know what I think of these flower studies. I wasn’t going to post them, but then I decided that it was more about the process than the finished product. I want to keep working and doing weekly posts and how sad would it be if I stopped after just 2 weeks? So here are the 2 studies I did with the flowers.

Playing With Colour Mixing.

Multicolour Vase, watercolour pens, Feb. 7, 2018

Another week of snow and another sketch with my watercolour pens, although for this one I got to work from life. I only have eight colours in my pen set so I thought I would try out some more involved colour mixing and this vase was sitting right there on my coffee table. A lot of working and reworking and colour on top of colour and the paper did not get too wet and rippled or fuzzy (which sometimes happens to me with regular watercolours). It’s very interesting how different these work compared to regular watercolours.

I am very happy with my colour matching of the vase, but then I just blocked in the coffee table, and it’s bothering me now that I didn’t try to match the table colour…

24 Little Vintage Ornaments.

I decided to do hand painted Christmas cards this year and I am so happy with them!

Hand painted Christmas cards.

It started out when I went to buy Christmas cards and I could not find any that I liked. So I went into my stash of vintage cards and copied of one of them and then painted over the bows with gold paint because they needed a little something extra. Then I was imagining telling people that I did a little hand painting on my cards, and how they might then be expecting actual hand painted cards, so in the end I just did paintings on them. I used the insides from the vintage card copies and just replaced the outer image with watercolour paper and little paintings of my vintage glass ornaments. I set up a mini still life on my desk to do them since I don’t have my tree up yet. Which, I did not realize until I was done, meant that I did not get all the tree light reflections in the ornaments–they are just straight up ornaments. Oh well, another day, another day…

Desk still life.

I took photos of all the little ornament paintings, but now I wish I had taken photos of each of them as full cards, because the inner card page really finishes them off nicely, but they have all been mailed off.

But anyway, here are all the cover paintings in the order that I painted them.

All the finished cards.

Neighborhood Paintings: Summertime – Day 30

Beer on the Patio, Jul. 5, 2017

There it is! My 30 days of summertime paintings are done! Yesterday was another hot day and I could not bring myself to sit out on the street, so here is the view from my shady patio. Today is going to be even hotter than yesterday, so I am glad I am done for now. It was a very interesting 30 days. Very different from the painting in the spring. Painting every single day means you don’t get to pick the optimal weather conditions for painting, you paint in all of it or you make it work somehow. The hottest days were the hardest, even though I was always longing for sunny views to paint. And I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with ants while painting before; there were two days of the 30 where I had ants crawling up my legs and into my paint–yesterday on the patio was one of them. So now I will plan for my next project and hopefully keep painting regularly in the meantime–it is too easy to let days and weeks slip by without doing any painting. And I need to keep painting.




At long last, a blog post! It seems that I took a month off from my blogging to do some gardening. I still haven’t bothered to fix my laptop, but It’s been fantastic; I might need to do this every spring. I had a garden to-do list for today too, but then I ended up just sitting and looking at the garden. I started taking some photos, and then thought that I really should be doing some sketching on a beautiful day like this.
The first sketch is the bouquet that Poppy made for me (with geranium flowers she collected off the ground at the greenhouse we went to on the weekend). The second sketch is the view from my shade garden in the backyard underneath the lilac–which is where I will be going right back to now :)

Spring Break Studio Day.




For this week here are a few Sharpie sketches. The first two are of Bento supplies (an onigiri case and a package of food picks), and the third sketch is my daughter playing phone games. She asked me if we could have a studio day last week (we were on spring break), but then she just ended up playing phone games in the studio. It’s all good though–we had some very relaxing and lazy days. It was like a mini summer holidays.
In other news, I am having some issues with my laptop at the moment so this is actually my first blog post done completely with my phone! Exciting times :)