24 Little Vintage Ornaments.

I decided to do hand painted Christmas cards this year and I am so happy with them!

Hand painted Christmas cards.

It started out when I went to buy Christmas cards and I could not find any that I liked. So I went into my stash of vintage cards and copied of one of them and then painted over the bows with gold paint because they needed a little something extra. Then I was imagining telling people that I did a little hand painting on my cards, and how they might then be expecting actual hand painted cards, so in the end I just did paintings on them. I used the insides from the vintage card copies and just replaced the outer image with watercolour paper and little paintings of my vintage glass ornaments. I set up a mini still life on my desk to do them since I don’t have my tree up yet. Which, I did not realize until I was done, meant that I did not get all the tree light reflections in the ornaments–they are just straight up ornaments. Oh well, another day, another day…

Desk still life.

I took photos of all the little ornament paintings, but now I wish I had taken photos of each of them as full cards, because the inner card page really finishes them off nicely, but they have all been mailed off.

But anyway, here are all the cover paintings in the order that I painted them.

All the finished cards.

12 thoughts on “24 Little Vintage Ornaments.

  1. We got our mail yesterday(we don’t pick up every day)…and I hear from Barb & Carol they love their cards!

    Ours is beautiful❤

    Thank you so much for Poppy’s pictures. Love them!

    xo Mom

  2. Loved receiving our custom card in the mail this week, with the picture of Poppy.
    Love seeing all the designs you did.

  3. Loved your card, loved Poppy’s beautiful photos. It was fun to open the envelope and realize I was holding an original. Always admire your work, Dayna, so much to appreciate, e.g. intrigued by how you catch the delicacy of the ornament. Thank you!

  4. Hi sweetheart! My Facebook friends from all over the world are loving the picture I posted of the card you sent us so I’m sending them to your blog. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with some time to recharge!

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