It was me who asked for the White Christmas…sorry Calgary!

Fresh Snow, acrylic on panel, Dec.20, 2017Calgary got a huge dump of snow and it is beautiful. Not so good for anyone having to drive, but lucky for me I didn’t have to leave the house today. Seeing as I didn’t have to go anywhere, I decided to get out my acrylics and do a “real” painting of the view from the dining room of the back alley with all the fresh snow. I don’t know why watercolour paintings always feel like studies to me; I think I actually paint better with watercolour, but I LOVE painting with acrylic! And what I mess I made too. I even put down a shower curtain where I set up my easel in the kitchen, but I still managed to get paint on the microwave.

It was so much fun. After working in tedious watercolour for so long it was glorious to just slather on the paint like I was icing a cake.

Painting set-up.


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