Playing With Watercolour Pens.

Jasper, Feb. 6, 2018, watercolour pens

I finally got around to trying out my new watercolour pens that I got for Christmas. For this sketch I worked from a photo from a recent drive through Jasper because it was really cold today and I was just hunkered down in the living room to paint. It might just have to be a photo reference week while I play with these pens.

I am really loving how super pigmented these watercolour pens are. That is one thing I am always a little unhappy with when I am using watercolour–the paintings might be nice and bright when I am painting, but they always dry a bit paler. I guess the fix for that would be to build up the painting in layers…OR, I could just use these watercolour pens! Look at that blue!

These are really fun to use too–I just started playing with them and finished this sketch before I thought to look up how to use them, but I more or less used them correctly. There doesn’t seem to be a wrong way to use them–you can use them directly on the paper and then add water to the stokes with a brush, you can add a water wash to the paper and then “paint” with the pens in the water, or you can dip the pens straight into the water and then draw with them.

So I am pretty excited to do some more sketching with them and I am aiming to get back into doing one blog post a week. I have taken far too much time off.

2 thoughts on “Playing With Watercolour Pens.

  1. Left a message on your blue gift BOW, now seeing this and it sure looks like fun. Also you explained it well, thanks…appreciate it. Maybe some time later on I’ll check out those pencils.

    FYI, I’ve been to three Paint Nights and loved it. It’s rekindled an old romance with painting and so I purchased paint, brushes, etc and trying to make something happen.
    Right now I’m trying to paint water as in waves. I figure that water reflects and so, I thought of you and all of the work you’ve done with reflections…which lead me to the BOW.
    Anyway, Dayna, love this post, both aspects…the painting and the dialogue.

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