Spring Break Studio Day.




For this week here are a few Sharpie sketches. The first two are of Bento supplies (an onigiri case and a package of food picks), and the third sketch is my daughter playing phone games. She asked me if we could have a studio day last week (we were on spring break), but then she just ended up playing phone games in the studio. It’s all good though–we had some very relaxing and lazy days. It was like a mini summer holidays.
In other news, I am having some issues with my laptop at the moment so this is actually my first blog post done completely with my phone! Exciting times :)

One thought on “Spring Break Studio Day.

  1. Good morning Dayna. I was just looking at these drawings again. The one of Poppy portrays a relaxed dreamy world of childhood and is lovely. Siri comes at noon and then we go to piano lessons after lunch. I am very slow with my yard. Jill is enjoying hers though. Love you and miss you,


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