Leprechaun Trap the Third.

Leprechaun trap #3, outsideLeprechaun trap #3, inside

My daughter’s newest Leprechaun trap made of a plastic mini cupcake package. The bottom photo is the inside reached through the “hidden holes” she cut out of the top. St. Patrick’s Day is “almost” as exciting as Christmas around here. I especially like the “Welcome banner” attached to the sharpie.

She’s very tricksy that one. She’s always pranking my husband and I around the house too–tying cupboard handles together (which I should see, but I don’t), leaving a self-inflating whoopee cushion under our pillows or the living room rug (perfectly positioned where we step on it every time), or leaving things in our shoes. Her April Fools gift to me was an old heart-shaped chocolate box with a plastic spider inside. And I KNEW there would be a spider in it and I knew exactly which spider it would be, but when I opened the spider looked different because she had coloured it with sharpies, so I still screamed.

Here’s her schematics for this Leprechaun¬†trap:

Leprechaun trap schematic and materialsLeprechaun trap inside schematic

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