At long last, a blog post! It seems that I took a month off from my blogging to do some gardening. I still haven’t bothered to fix my laptop, but It’s been fantastic; I might need to do this every spring. I had a garden to-do list for today too, but then I ended up just sitting and looking at the garden. I started taking some photos, and then thought that I really should be doing some sketching on a beautiful day like this.
The first sketch is the bouquet that Poppy made for me (with geranium flowers she collected off the ground at the greenhouse we went to on the weekend). The second sketch is the view from my shade garden in the backyard underneath the lilac–which is where I will be going right back to now :)

2 thoughts on “Garden!

  1. Hi Dayna,

    It is funny when you stumble across something completely unexpected on the internet. I was looking for comics done with watercolours and I somehow came across your blog.

    I began reading through it and suddenly felt swept away to Alberta (Im currently living in Bath, England where I am doing my BA in Fine Art).

    I liked reading about your story after art school and getting a small insight into your work and life. Maybe just a bit if escapism on my part.

    Look forward to seeing new posts.


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