Mother Daughter Art Hour.

I had written off doing a post this week after hosting a Christmas party and then coming down with a terrible, terrible flu, but it turns out that my daughter was inspired to do some painting today. So while she took over my studio I sat and sketched her; a perfect winter day.

Here is her first painting which she took about a half an hour to do. I find watching her paint fascinating. She spends a lot of time on her paintings and is very particular about colour choices and mark placement (she also does not like me speaking when she’s working). This one was done with her Crayola kid’s paint.

This next one was done with my watercolours on larger paper and she did not take as long with it. This is the one that I sketched her painting. She likes to kneel in front of her easel when she paints so I think it might be too short for her. Next time I may need to let her use my easel as well my studio.

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