Right. No more vacation for me!

Ah…finally…a post! 2011 is off to a slow start but I’m still on top because the only New Years resolutions I made were to keep doing what I’ve been doing and to not wear the same pair of pants everyday. So I win!

I finally got around to working on the woodcut that I had started before. I still haven’t found my lino-cutting tool so I used a chisel. No room to get precious about anything with a chisel! And I think that I’m ready to admit that my husband MAY have been right about print-making. He had been telling me that what I had not liked about print-making was how process heavy it was, which I pshawed and insisted that I loved print-making. I have now been trying to get a nice print of this stupid woodcut for 6 days. Between under-inking and over-inking and using too little pressure and getting crap on my roller, I’m just about ready to edit the thing in Photoshop. Though that may prove to be just as headache inducing for me. I believe this is why I’m a painter.

So this is the best print that I have of it so far. It’s barely discernible but it is the shadows of the living room blinds, lamp and bamboo—it’s the same image that I did the charcoal sketch of (only reversed now as this is a print). If you don’t look at it as a woodcut print of something in particular its kind of a neat abstract image. And it’s even better if you click on the image and see it just a bit larger than my blog will allow. Though I still want to get a better print of it. Maybe next week.

4 thoughts on “Right. No more vacation for me!

  1. I always find it interesting when artists try new things outside of what they are usually comfortable with. Sometimes the results can be amazing! More power to you!


  2. The more I look at this one, the more I am engaged by it: rooted solidly in reality, it nevertheless escapes classification by one’s brain. It gives me a sense similar to looking at a scratchy photograph with palimpsest-like qualities.

    I get this is still a work in progress; still I’m liking where it’s at right now; I think the dark background of your blog helps bring the image together a bit more (I’ll have to double check how it fares in real life).

    I know this is based from a real picture, but the chiseling the picture into a relief has transformed it into more of an abstract–which normally I’m not too big on (I’ve always struggled with abstracts; but here and there I’ve come across good ones [or so I thought] that kept me clueless as to what they were–or were supposed to represent–and yet still engaged me…I guess in art circles, that’s called “composition”.)

    1. Interesting that you said that because I’ve been enjoying looking at it more on my blog than in real life. Something else to think about :)

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