Right before sunset.

This painting was supposed to be my post last week but I changed the lighting in it, deciding to paint a sunny dusk after starting it on overcast days and hence it has taken twice as long.  Next time I think I will just start a second painting. This one was done between 5:00pm and 5:30pm in four sittings (four different days). It is actually sunset but the yard faces east so you just get the reflection of sun on everything. It’s very much a collage image since the sky was finished one day, the lighting on the trees and houses on another day and the shadows on the rooftops were done on a different day still. This exact image and lighting never actually existed all together.

I’m a little disappointed that although this one was done two hours later in the day than my last one (Sunny winter afternoon), the lighting looks very similar. I guess once I get enough of the paintings done more of a gradient between lighting will be evident.

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