I was ON today!

It was a beautiful morning and perhaps because my parents were on their way and I needed to be doing anything BUT painting, I sat down and started my next backyard painting. And I finished it. In one hour start to finish between 8:30am and 9:30am. I took some photos of my easel set-up in the kitchen where I’ve been painting these. In the second photo you can see the trees and rooftops outside that are in the paintings.

I feel that it’s my best one yet and such a change from last week’s “collage painting” (it looks a bit blurry in the image above but if you click on it it opens a slighter larger and clearer image—I don’t know why the blog does that). I think the success of this painting is down to it being completed in one sitting rather than the four sittings that I took on last week’s painting.

I also got out all the backyard paintings to compare them (I have four so far, see the earlier three below) and I noticed that with each one I kept creeping the composition down to show more buildings and fence and less sky so with this one I remedied that and the composition is much better. I am so, so happy right now. I had thought with company coming I was not going to get a painting done this week but it turns out that was just a lame excuse ;)

6 thoughts on “I was ON today!

  1. Fantastic, Dayna! You sound like you are really enjoying this. It’s awesome to have a passion and pursue it!! You go, girl! Good on ya!

  2. Wow Dayna, these look great! It’s interesting to see the time of day progression using the same outdoor scene. I can’t say that I have a preference from one over the others because I like them all. Nice work.

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