Penguins don’t wear pants.

I finally got my daughter to sit still long enough to paint her by sitting her in front of the T.V. It worked out very well while watching The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends, but then she asked for Pingu. When Pingu started to run around his house banging a pot on his head, she decided to follow suit. And of course penguins don’t wear pants so that was the end of the painting session.

But it is a nice little study and very loosely painted. I think I will just have to be content with it as a study. However, I was pleasantly surprised that when I would ask her to sit a certain way she would actually do it and she would return to the same position if she moved. That gives me high hopes for future painting sessions.

5 thoughts on “Penguins don’t wear pants.

  1. I think that -next to the paintings – my favourite thing about your posts has to be the titles. Another classic one today :)

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