Reflections are EVERYWHERE!

GAH! Finally done! This is the “reflection painting” that I’ve been working on and struggling with for the past few weeks. An interesting painting to do since it is quite abstracted due to the tight cropping from the original image. I am also trying to loosen up a bit more in my painting—an influence of both my daughter’s paintings and my own watercolour paintings. For this one I took photos of it throughout the painting process and then I ended up referring to the photos of earlier stages of the painting rather than the source image—a whole new way of painting for me! For awhile I thought it would never be done. It is also huge; when I started I had decided that I “felt” it needed to be 2 feet by 4 feet.

The photo that I used for this painting was of reflected light off of our neighbor’s windows, through my china cabinet, and onto a landscape painting that I had propped beside the cabinet when I was trying to pick paintings to submit to a show. And speaking of reflections, I don’t know where I was hiding away all last summer or if I was just depressed and never opened the curtains, but there are reflections EVERYWHERE in the house right now—even the plastic lid of the coffee canister casts cool reflections on the wall! I’ve been taking photos everyday. I am so excited.

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