Remind me not to wear the “Jackie O skirt” again for at least a week.

Ah, the first still-life of the year with flowers from my own garden. And new dark blue drapery to boot! Life is good.

I don’t think I have anything else to say. Maybe I’ll just leave you with this soothing blue still-life to look at. I’m still in crazy project mode and so far today I have made bread and lemon sherbet, done the dishes and the laundry, and finished a painting. I wanted to paint some of the house trim and mow the lawn but I’m tired and I have to start supper soon. Though honestly today I think it’s my skirt. I’m doing this thing that some friends started where you wear a skirt or dress every day in June. My skirt for today is a tweed pencil skirt and I seem to be channeling a whole lotta 1954 house-wife. It’s exhausting.

5 thoughts on “Remind me not to wear the “Jackie O skirt” again for at least a week.

  1. Fabulous floral painting Dayna! Love all the colors in it and especially the blue drapes! I can see the sunlight shining thru in this painting and if your skirts are responsible for it,then wear them everyday! Fabulous!

  2. I love the blueness of this! So different from your usual colour choice, very nice! I don’t know why but my favorite part is the bottle. beauuutiful!

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