Watercolour Wednesday — Storm clouds at dusk.

Beautiful sky the other day. Lots of giant storm clouds that cleared up just before sunset.

For these I tried out a new watercolour paper pad that I bought, but I’m not too crazy about it so far. Everything took too long to dry between layers and I was trying to go quickly to catch the moving clouds. I found the pad format awkward as well because I wanted to be working on two at a time and the paper was too thick to tear out of the pad easily (especially with wet watercolour paint on it that was pooling). You can see the creases on the left side of the paper for the first two where I tore them out of the pad. Oh well, now I know for next time. The last one, with more of the sunset in it, is the one where I more or less figured out the drying time of the paper; it turned out a bit better than the other two.

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