Watercolour Wednesday — The hanging planters downtown.

Last Friday was the 3rd week for the Drawing Club at work though for various reasons it was actually just little ol’ me that was able to make it. The plan had been to go out to the park across the street to sketch and do watercolour since the forecast called for absolutely gorgeous weather. On the day, once I realized it was only going to be me, I uncharacteristically decided to go out all by myself regardless (very un-Dayna like). The park was packed with people and there were people watching me, but I went ahead and set up at the tables under all the hanging planters of Begonias. It was a beautiful, beautiful day and a lunch hour well spent. I just might do that again.

2 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — The hanging planters downtown.

    1. Thanks Marie! I hope we get a few more gorgeous Fridays like that for the Drawing Club…here’s hoping!

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