Blue vase, clear jars still life.

Finally did a “real” painting. In other words, an acrylic painting instead of a watercolour. And no flowers. When my mom visited last I showed her my “Blue Tulips” still life painting and I preempted the viewing with, “The bottle is great but the tulips are a bit of a mess.” Then she looked at it and said simply, “You always do well on the containers.” That’s when it occurred to me that I am maybe too stuck on including flowers in my still life paintings and should try doing just jars or vases. So that’s what this is.

The colour is a bit crazy—it reminds me of some things I did in University. At the time one of my profs told me that I used such terribly ugly garish colours together, but that it somehow worked. I was quite pleased with that critique.

5 thoughts on “Blue vase, clear jars still life.

  1. Another gorgeous work! I love your bottles! And I think the colours are wonderfully bright! What’s a painting if it doesn’t scream with colour! Looove it!

  2. Hi Dayna! Ooooh, really, really love this one! Colors vibrant and they look great together too. Your old profs would be putting his foot in his mouth if he saw this one.


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