Oh candy, why must you betray me?

I got home from work yesterday and was inspired by all the fall colours on my street. I dropped my purse inside, threw on my painting clothes and went right back out to try to catch the light. I missed the sunset, but I got a lovely dusk and it might have been the last chance that I have to get the leaves before they’re gone. It’s interesting because last year I did a fall scene of my street, but looking up the other way and in the late morning. That one ended up looking more like a watercolour-style acrylic (see it here). This one was done so fast and with so much gel medium and it’s such a mess that it looks more like an oil painting. I’m very pleased with it. Also I managed to (just barely) get an acrylic painting in before Watercolour Wednesday came around again. So YAY for me!

I was fairly invigorated last night; interesting since I’d only had two hours of sleep and I worked 9 – 5 yesterday. By the way, those mini-packs of candy that they sell for Halloween may look small but if you eat 15 of them it’s like drinking an Americano before bed. Aiyiyi! I shan’t be doing that again! Well…I’ll do it again, but not at 1:00 am.

4 thoughts on “Oh candy, why must you betray me?

  1. Lovely, Dayna! I can smell those amazing colours from here! :-) And here’s to Halloween Candy!! What a combo! LOL

  2. Best description ever!! hee hee! Seriously, too funny.
    Very nice painting, it looks like you captured the wind in the trees and tumultuous clouds :) I really like last fall’s painting as well, beautiful colours on both of them!

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