Watercolour Wednesday — Corners.

I did this one on Sunday in the Studio space that I am sharing with a group of others. It’s the corner of the studio by the window. I love it; it reminds me a bit of David Hockney‘s room studies, though perhaps that’s more because I’ve been reading a lot on him lately.

I’m a bit discouraged right now with my art. I noticed that this is the third Watercolour Wednesday post in a row which means that I haven’t done any other painting in three weeks. I have writer’s block, but for painters. Is that called painter’s block? Whatever it is, I’ve hit a wall. I feel like there is something massive that I have completely missed and now I’m just floundering. Like I turned a wrong corner or missed an advert on a bulletin board somewhere and now I am on a totally different life path where I absolutely should not be. I go to my studio and end up just sitting there, pondering as if I’m trying to remember someone’s name.

10 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — Corners.

  1. Dayna, You will move past and find your way but until then your work is amazing, Thankyou for posting it. Maxine D

  2. Not that I’m a painter or artist by any means but maybe its being in the studio that’s blocking you-I always find fall such an inspiring and beautiful time-outside-inside I find it drab and a reminder of what will be my environment for the next few months…

    1. It could very well be that — I always get depressed as we move into November. I’ve been using the chilly weather as an excuse to not paint outside, but maybe I need to just buck up and do it. I’ve done outdoor landscape painting before in November and it was amazing :)

    1. I may have stumbled into what I was missing, but it will take a bit more research. Very frustrating though.

  3. I really like this one. I hope you find the inspiration to move past yoru painter’s block. I enjoy your posts on Wednesdays as well as all the others. My favourite mediums have always been acrylic and oil so I hope you find time and inspiration for more of everything you want to do.

  4. Hi Dayna, I’m just looking at your fall street scene and this watercolor. They are both great.I remember being with you as you painted the street scene last year. This one has a very different look but is equally nice.

    I love you,
    your mama

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