11 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — Well, hello again Mr. Gin!

  1. Maybe the gin played a part in the disappearing time eh? hee hee! Nice painting, I do love your labels. They’re so detailed! Very calming painting too, I think it’s the colours and the sparseness of the background. Very nice!

    1. Haha, thanks Pickle :)
      At first I was just going to block in the table, but then I really got into the shadows and now I really like the background. It does show up a bit better in real life though—there’s actually quite a lot of nuances in the greys.

  2. I agree. The gin may have played a part in why it took so long to want to paint the bottle again. For example, I have not longed to paint a bottle of rye for 20 years. There’s that thing about me not being able to paint, but you get my point. Lol. Welcome back gin, and nice painting Dayna :)

    1. Yeah after I did this one I was looking back through my stuff and I think yours was the last painting that I did of the blue gin bottle (2004). Crazy! I must do more!

    1. I used to have a whole collection of them that I had on top of my china cabinet (about 20 I think), but it got to be a bit too much in our new house so I had a clear out and only ended up keeping 3 (one of each size). I’m glad I kept those though because they have since changed the bottle shape a tiny bit and the cap. This is one of the old style bottles.

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