Watercolour Wednesday — Yellow tea-cup.

A friend of mine asked for a painting of a tea-cup on its side which, once I started painting it, is much harder than you would think. I discarded the first attempt for this one where I did not get all the circles and angles quite right. I also had not thought about the edges of the tea-cup when I chose this one to paint (one of my favourites from my collection) and the slightly scalloped edges made me a bit loopy. Who knows though—this might turn into another series!

8 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — Yellow tea-cup.

  1. Simply stunning, Dayna!! It makes me think of my grandma who used to serve us tea and especially coffee (she was a true Norwegian!) when we were younger. You have captured the texture and design beautifully. Well done!

  2. I feel like I recognize this teacup…..very nice. I can see how the scalloped edge would make you crazy, but they turned out great! I think a teacup series would be pretty fun!

  3. I agree, maybe a tea cup series is in order, your collection is so beautiful. If you’re taking commissions we would love to get on your waiting list!

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