Watercolour Wednesday — Green Glass study.

A study of a glass that I did at the downtown studio on Sunday. I kind of messed up the rim on the right side of the glass, but I guess this will be another one that I will need to try painting again. It was a great session this Sunday — everyone was there and there was some really good energy. I had a lot of fun. Since we’ve started getting together as a group we’ve had a few people leave and a couple new people have joined. There are eight of us now and I’m really excited about the group we’ve got going; we are starting to feel like a real group.

I’m really surprising myself in not missing a week yet for these Watercolour Wednesdays. Especially since this past month has been a crazy busy month for me and my husband. We are in the midst of opening up our own games and hobbies retail store here in Calgary, Alberta and we are scheduled to open within the next week. I guess we shall see how next week goes…

2 thoughts on “Watercolour Wednesday — Green Glass study.

  1. Very nice! I like the colours in this one. And definitely good job on getting this done with everything going full gear!

  2. You got off on a rough start with this one, but turned out very nice in the end. So glad you stuck with it. I love the soft green and lavender colours on this one.

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