Watercolour Wednesday — Bananas!

I didn’t bring anything to the Studio to paint on Sunday, and my fellow artist Candace had these bananas from Vietnam that she was sketching; so I shifted myself over to her corner and shared her still life. Very interesting bananas. I did a watercolour first and then I was at the point where I thought if I did anything else to it I would muck it up so I got out the pencils and charcoal. And I discovered that I’m a bit rusty at sketching! I found the sketch harder to do than the watercolour. Clearly I need to be doing a sketch every week as well as a weekly watercolour. Mind you, I was also thinking that I need to be doing an acrylic painting every week. I’ve really noticed how much doing a weekly watercolour has helped me and I know that I need to step it up even more than that. Do more, paint more, ponder more. A friend of mine told me a while back that I should do a painting a day and while I scoffed at that at the time, I think I might need to be moving towards doing something like that. I just know that I need to be doing more.

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