Watercolour Wednesday — Shadows.

I am more and more drawn to the shadows and reflections of the objects that I’m painting. This bowl has such crazy shadows and I’ve tried to paint them before but without much success. This one was much more successful.

And speaking of shadows, last week I came across the artist Kumi Yamashita through links that people were sharing on Facebook, and though I wasn’t really blown away by the specific images that were on the Facebook links, I looked up her other work and discovered her shadow art. Now those I find mind-boggling.

Not sure what this is? These are sheets of origami paper with some slight folds on one side. The shadows that the paper cast on the wall are profiles of people. Not only that, they are the profiles of specific people–specifically 22 American Express employees–whom she photographed for the project. Yeah, now just let your mind be blown for a minute or two. Not to mention that all of her other shadow art is just as mind-boggling but in completely different ways. Anyway…back to work now ;)

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